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I Review Terminator: Salvation for the PS3

I was never a huge fan of the Terminator series. Saw The original when I was a kid and thought it was cool. Saw the second on opening weekend when I was in high school which established my lifelong dislike of Edward Furlong. Actually like the third one, and didn’t care too much for the last one.

With that said, I bought Terminator: Salvation the game for PS3 recently. I had not heard good things about it, but it was only $5 and it’s hard to find a game for $5 that I won’t buy. In this case, however, I feel like I might have been ripped off. This game is not good…at all.

Let’s see, graphics would be ok had the game come out five years ago. Gameplay is repetitive repetitive repe…you get my point. Mechanics are simple as you only use about half the buttons on the controller. The game itself, though, is a glitch-infested, frustration filled pile of garbage.

You like cutscenes? Hope so, because you can’t skip them. You die, and it’s back to the last cut scene and wou have to watch and listen (shiver) all over again…and again…and again. It’s not that I’m terrible at games and just get killed a lot, this game just wants you to die. It’s like playing cowboys with your friends when everytime you would shoot them with your finger, they would quickly make up an elaborate story of how your bullet managed to miss them. This game stinks of burnt popcorn drizzled with wet dog.

Here’s the teal kicker, though. Imnonly on the second chapter. I just started the horrible monstrousity tonght..but o intend to finish. Why? Trophies, plain and simple. Finshe the game on hard doing nothing but laying through the chapters, and you get 11 gold trophies and a platinum. Fine, you win. I’ll just hold my nose, close my eyes, and pretend it’s modern warfare…a very glitch, repetitive, and frustrating moder warfare…with T-600s.

The best I can do for this game is give it one irritated skynet out of five wasted dollars.