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SPOILERS! Downton Abbey Season 4 revealed…sort of.

After the dramatic conclusion of season 3, I, like many of you, asked myself “where do we go from here?”  This led me to conduct an in-depth analysis of what we know about the situations and characters and, I believe, have come up with the only logical outcomes for the various story lines. I don’t claim to have any inside knowledge from the writers, but I think you will see upon reading, that season 4 will be the final season of Downton Abbey.


Here is what I “know” in no particular order.  If you don’t want to know, turn away now, you have been warned!

  • Branson and Mary run off together.
  • Edith gets dumped yet again and throws herself off the top of the abbey.
  • With no one to manage things, Lord Grantham runs Downton in to the ground and loses it then flees into the countryside in shame.
  • Cora must be put in an asylum.
  • Cousin Violet then takes Rose but is robbed blind by the little hussy who then takes off for New York where she is mugged, beaten, and left for dead in an alley.
  • Thomas stabs O’Brien to death after discovering she put a lethal dose of arsenic in his tea.
  • Carson and Mrs. Hughes, having nothing left to stay for, loot the kitchen and shack up in the village after selling off the wares.
  • Bates and Anna then hatch a scheme to burn Downton down and collect the insurance money, however Mrs. Patmore, being blind, can’t find her way out and burns to death along with Molesley who, after taking to a fondness of the drink, didn’t feel a thing.

This is all I know so far.  As for the fate of the others…let’s just assume the worst.