Updating Myself for the Future…kind of

Let’s face it, I’ve been a tad inconsistent with my blogging. It hasn’t been intentional, believe me, but adjusting to life as a stay-at-home dad has been a bit challenging.

Late last year I made the decision to use my time at home to learn some new skills, just in case the teacher part of me is made obsolete through budget cuts and idiocy of those in charge (another rant for another time, perhaps). With a little coaxing, I decided to try to learn some basic web programming with the intention of building on that knowledge until I was marketable as a programmer. This, as of yet, has not happened. Not in any sense or capacity. Not at all. I haven’t given up, I’ve just been over taxed.

Now that I have a year of full-time dad-dom under my belt, I’m feeling the urge to get back to my normal life. A productive life, that is. Since my services as a teacher are not wanted at the moment, I’m back to this — trying something new. My first step is doing something something computer related…like this blog. I intend to eventually rebuild this blog by hand while increasing my knowledge in programming, but there’s no point if I’m not even using the blog. So the first step, the real first step, is just using it…like I am now. All well and good, I suppose, but we’ll see when I manage to return. Tomorrow? Hopefully, but no promises.

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