I Review the Older Lady in the Culver’s Parking Lot

First impression of the older lady in the parking lot was not a very good one, and sadly it didn’t improve from there.

It started with me sitting in my car after having lunch, parked, engine running. I was catching up on some emails when my door abruptly opened. Friend? No. Car jacker? No. Old lady with milk shake and lost look in her eye? Yes. I said hello as she began to enter the car, drivers side, causing her to pause and deepened that lost look. The stare lasted just a bit to long to be comfortable, then she backed out and shut the door. I let it go with a shake of my head, then back to business.

About 10 minutes later, after finishing up with the last email, I decided to go back into Culver’s to use the reste
Room before departing. As I got out of the car, I noticed her standing in the middle of the parking lot, this time talking to a middle aged man whom I assumed was her ride back to the home.

When I came out, however, they we’re still there and the man was shouting across the parking lot to another woman. They were looking for something, something terrifying, it would turn out. I realized they were looking for HER car which turned out to be only about 25 feet away from mine, 25 feet away from where the lady had stood lost for ten+ minutes, and the car looked nothing like mine… and now she was going to drive it.

I didn’t stick around to see if she ever got it out of the parking lot, as I figured it wasn’t worth the hassle if an insurance claim.

I score this older lady as 1 strand of blue hair in a 16 ounce custard shake.


One thought on “I Review the Older Lady in the Culver’s Parking Lot

  1. mum

    I’m thinkin I might get “there” one of these days!!
    Gettin old has MANY drawbacks!! Senior discounts don’t really make up for the loss of everything!!


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